Welcome, High 5 Teams Training Participants!

This page provides resources from your recent training experience offered through the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, in partnership with Oregon State University. Below you will find two sets of helpful documents - presentation resources and supplemental resources

Presentation Resources

Please note: To ensure the most stable presentation for your future training sessions, we have provided downloadable PDF presentation documents below. 



Quick Tip

When using the PDF documents for presentation (in the classroom or with Zoom, enter full screen presentation mode in Acrobat by selecting the View pulldown menu then select Full Screen Mode.


For your convenience, each module is offered in a presentation version (PDF) and a "speaker's notes" version (PDF). Use the presentation version to present on screen (in person or online) and the speaker's notes version for guidance on facilitating the training, breakout sessions and more. Click on each version below to download.

Supplemental Resources and Handouts

The following resources were cited during our recent "train the trainer" sessions. Please review and use these tools to make the most of your own upcoming sessions! 



If you have questions about using these resources for your own future training, please email us