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Coaching Skills for Leaders

Location for this workshop is at COCC 2600 NW College Way Bend, Oregon 97703

First Workshop in the Oregon Leadership Training Series

Effective coaching increases productivity, employee engagement, and innovation and builds lasting business relationships. In this learning-by-doing program, you’ll discover what it means to coach and be coached and develop the skills to become a more effective coach.

About the Workshop

Coaching Skills for Leaders
In this intensive workshop, you will work with Dean Newlund, an experienced executive coach, and learn:

  • The difference between managing and coaching (and when to use both)
  • The four-phase coaching process
  • How to coach on the spot
  • The brain science of building trust
  • How to build accountability and keep promises

You will also practice the five skills of effective coaching: listening; ask, don't tell; reframe; truthful feedback; and requesting.

This is the first workshop in the Oregon Leadership Training Series.

Oregon Leadership Training Series


Developed by international executive coach Dean Newlund, this Series is comprised of three courses. (You can opt to enroll in the full series or enroll in individual courses.) Each course focuses on an essential element of authentic leadership. Over three days, you will learn how to look inward to lead with authenticity while developing effective leadership techniques.

What You’ll Learn

This leadership development program will expand your understanding of what it means to lead on a deep and personal level. You’ll gain skills to successfully lead in today's evolving workplace by learning:

  • How to gain and build trust.
  • How to increase employee engagement.
  • How to boost your team's productivity and innovation.
  • How to forge lasting business relationships.

Why Business Needs Intuition

New dates coming soon!
One day
Bend, Oregon
price (2)
$390 (+ $60 registration fee)
Additional Information: 1.0 Units | 8 Hours


Dean Newlund

Dean Newlund is the founder and CEO of Mission Facilitators International, a 25-year-old boutique firm home to a highly-experienced team of coaches and strategists specializing in executive coaching, leadership training, strategic planning and culture change. Newland has traveled the globe and worked with hundreds of organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to small nonprofits. Newland helps leaders, teams and entire companies become more adaptable and innovative thanks to his focus on purpose, intuition and authentic leadership.

Dean Newlund was a guest speaker at BendTEDx in 2018. Check out his Ted Talk, “Why Business Needs Intuition.”

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