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Community Health Worker Leadership Development Course

This course is designed to provide a continuing education/professional development opportunity for Community Health Workers (CHWs) who wish to grow their capacity for leadership. It is delivered online and involves student-content, student-student, student-instructor and student-mentor interaction.

The course is scheduled over the course of an academic year and includes the following online modules:

  1. Leadership Basics (fall term)
  2. Looking Inward: A Time for Introspection (fall term)
  3. Looking Outward: Engaging with Others (winter term)
  4. Looking Forward: Making a Difference (winter term)
  5. Applied Leadership Development: A Capstone Project (spring term)

CHW Leadership Development Overview

In this expert-led online course, you will learn to identify basic leadership principles, theories and styles and cover how to describe personal values, traits and leadership strengths. You will also learn how to identify different communication styles and differentiate between select learning styles.During the course, you will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge regarding communicating (including active listening and conflict management) to a difficult conversation
  • Apply knowledge regarding establishing and nurturing relationships to a mentoring, coaching, or supervising scenario
  • Apply knowledge regarding creating change (including making decisions and solving problems) to a real or hypothetical case
  • Appraise their leadership behavior during their capstone project

At the end, you will be able to summarize the actions for creating change that are addressed in this course.

CHW Leadership Development Prerequisites

In order to register for this class, you should meet the following requirements:

  • English proficiency
  • High-school diploma or GED
  • Current certification as a CHW in Oregon
  • Full-time equivalent of 6-months experience as a CHW
  • Signed statement of interest in this course (to be submitted during registration)
  • Signed statement of awareness of and commitment to program requirements and expectations (to be submitted during registration)
  • Letter of support from employer

EOCCO CHW Leadership Certificate Program

This course is a core component of the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization (EOCCO) Community Health Worker (CHW) Leadership Certificate Program.

Participants living or working in EOCCO's service area at the time of course completion, who complete and pass this course, will earn EOCCO's internal "CHW Leadership I" credential.

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85 hours
price (2)
$1,200 for non-EOCCO participants
$800 for EOCCO participants (those working in a county covered by EOCCO)
Additional Information: In 2019, the OSU CHW Training Program will submit a Traditional Health Worker Continuing Educational Units (CEU) Application to the Oregon Health Authority.

Past Students' Work

Take a look at some recent projects our students have created.