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Designing Learning Environments: Physical Dimensions of Free-Choice / Informal Learning

Learning is driven by our need to make sense of the world, and we respond to certain environments for complex reasons.

This Designing Learning Environments course examines the physical aspect of informal learning environments like parks, museums, aquariums and science centers to understand how visitors respond to and are influenced by design and physical factors.

Designing Learning Environments

In the Designing Learning Environments course, you will analyze the ways in which learning environment features like entrances, exits, sounds and crowding enhance and guide the informal learning process.

Time Commitment: Plan for 5 hours of work per week.

Informal Learning in Museums Certificate

This online course is part of the Informal Learning in Museums Professional Certificate developed by free-choice learning experts John Falk, Lynn Dierking and Sean Rowe based on the innovative Oregon State University graduate program in education.

Core Informal Learning Courses:

Elective Courses:

College Partners

This course is a collaboration between Oregon State University College of Education and Oregon State University Professional and Continuing Education.

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Seven weeks
price (2)
$425 (+ $60 registration fee)


Erin Hicks, M.A.

Erin is a museum professional with over 10 years of experience working on the design and development of art and history museum exhibits. Erin expanded that experience to include museum education theory and practice as she earned a masters degree in museum studies, specifically following a learning track of visitor experience and education.

Past Students' Work

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