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E-Learning Design and Development Certificate

To address growing demand for online education, Oregon State University's E-Learning Instructional Design and Development Certificate equips participants with the skills to enter - or advance in - the field of instructional design. Developed by Oregon State University's College of Education, this comprehensive program provides students with broad exposure to principles and applications of e-learning. It offers research and practice-based insight into:

  • Developing effective e-learning courses
  • Using instructional technology to develop curriculum that motivates and engages the learner
  • Applying instructional design theories or models and building technical skills that apply to a variety of e-learning settings

Students will learn proven strategies for designing online instruction in areas to match today’s varied educational and business needs. This certificate series includes the following five component courses. Register for the full series or enroll in courses one at a time. 

  • Designing Effective E-Learning
  • Exploring E-Learning Tools
  • Developing and Implementing E-Learning
  • E-Learning Assessment and Evaluation
  • E-Learning Practicum

Note: If students are new to instructional design, it is strongly recommended that they take the courses sequentially. Students must complete all other courses before beginning the E-Learning Practicum.

Program Overview
  • Build relevant, pedagogically sound educational materials and programs for the internet using the latest developments in online educational theories and technology
  • Integrate a variety of multimedia technology tools to develop engaging, effective e-learning
  • Apply the components of effective e-learning instructional design, development, implementation and evaluation to creating projects and programs that effectively address learner needs, as well as organizational/business goals
  • Drive advances in an organization's delivery of educational content and improve learning outcomes for participants
  • Track, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of e-learning training on personal and business goals


College Partners

This program is a collaboration between Oregon State University College of Education and Oregon State University Professional and Continuing Education.

Master's Degree in Learning Design and Technology

Upon completing this E-Learning Certificate, you can apply six units toward the University of San Diego's Master of Science in Learning Design and Technology.
The LDT program is fully designed to help you gain the skills, technical knowledge, and hands-on practice needed to achieve what lies ahead. 
There's never been a better time to be an instructional designer and the LDT program offers a practical curriculum addressing skills employers are looking for.  The degree program is built with the flexibility for working professionals to earn their master’s degree in just 20 months while working 100% online.
By completing OSU's E-Learning Certificate, you will earn a resume-worthy credential and take the first  step toward an MS degree!
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100% Online | Asynchronous
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Full Certificate: $2,395
+ $60 non-refundable registration fee
Additional Information:
18 CEUs | 180 Hours


Lynne Hindman, Ph.D.

Dr. Lynne Hindman is an educator and resourceful lifelong learner who values partnerships, teamwork, and building bridges across organizations. Certified PreK-12 school principal, tenured teacher, college administrator, university instructor, researcher, and community educator. Lynne has a Masters in Educational Leadership; Specialist in Ed. Administration; and a PhD in Adult & Higher Education with a specialty in Community College Leadership.

Josh Bancroft
E-Learning Instructional Design and Development Certificate

Josh Bancroft is a lifelong geek who taught himself to type in computer programs to play games when he was 5 years old, and has been fascinated by the intersection of learning and technology ever since. Josh has a Masters degree in Adult Education and Organizational Development from Oregon State University, and works on software education and community initiatives in the Developer Relations group at Intel.

Laura Boehme, Ph.D.

Laura Boehme, Ph.D., has been teaching in higher education for more than 12 years. Dr. Boehme currently serves as the Chief Information Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer at Central Oregon Community College (COCC). She has also taught for COCC, Oregon State Ecampus, and Purdue University in areas such as business, human resources, computer information systems, ethics, adult learning theory, needs assessment, project management and e-learning design and development. She earned a Master’s in Adult Education and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership, both from Oregon State University. was born in Reno, Nevada. Her family has lived in Bend, Oregon for 20 years, enjoying the beautiful outdoors via biking, running and hiking.

Dr. Boehme is very much an advocate for "constructionist" and “self-directed” models of learning, treating learning as a process of growth, building and becoming (rather than an object to be acquired or transmitted). Her approach typically includes creating a welcoming and engaging learning environment for students to immerse in the learning content, coupled with reflection and sharing to enhance the learning experience. She provides “scaffolding” the learning to aid learners in building foundational skills and competencies, upon which other learning can then be layered as the learner is ready to move to a new level. She looks forwards to partnering with you as your guide and support in our program.

Past Students' Work

Take a look at some recent projects our students have created.