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Advanced Articulate Storyline

Participants who have taken our introductory Articulate Storyline and Rise training receive a $100 discount on this advanced class (discount will be applied automatically during registration). 

Advanced Articulate Storyline Six-Week Online Class

In this course, students will expand their skills by exploring Storyline’s more advanced features. Each week will have two practice activities. Completing one practice activity is required; the second activity is optional. These practice activities make great portfolio pieces!

Learn Instructional Design Essentials, Gain In-Demand Articulate Storyline Skills and Build a Portfolio

Sample practice activities:

  • Design a custom feedback layer using a character
  • Develop a freeform drag and drop interaction
  • Create a custom menu using true/false variables
  • Develop a software simulation
  • Design a scenario
  • Use variables to incorporate gamification techniques
  • Design an eLearning game

Students will be supported by excellent learning resources and tutorials, feedback from peers, and personalized guidance from the instructor. It's one of the most affordable and flexible options to master essential instructional design career skills. 

Pre-requisites: To be successful in this course, students should be able to:

  • Develop interactions in Storyline using states, layers and triggers
  • Publish and share Storyline courses using Review 360 or links to a web server
  • Apply knowledge of learning design principles
If students are not sure which Articulate course is the best fit, contact Jo Baker, the instructor, at bakerjod@oregonstate.edu.

Save 50% on Articulate 360 with course enrollment

Access to Articulate Storyline (any version) is required for the course. Enrollment qualifies students to save 50% on Articulate 360 (or opt for an extended low-cost trial that spans the duration of the course). See our Discounted Articulate 360 Subscription Options (PDF) for more information. Note: students receive specific information on using the discount during the first week of class.
New dates coming soon!
Instructor-led; Asynchronous
price (2)
+$60 non-refundable registration fee


Jo Baker

Jo Baker has over 15 years experience in the adult learning field, with the past five years focused on instructional design for E-learning. She works with corporate and healthcare clients to design meaningful online learning experiences that incorporate micro-learning, learner-led design, scenarios and story-telling. As an instructor, Jo is invested in supporting a robust online learning community and in the application of learning theory to real-life learning challenges.

Past Students' Work

Take a look at some recent projects our students have created.