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Landscaping with Native Plants Online Course

A region's native plant species help their natural surroundings by protecting soil, conserving water and providing a natural habitat for wildlife. Combining practicality and beauty, native plants can bring new life to a garden or landscape.

In this Landscaping with Native Plants Online Course you will learn how to incorporate native plants into your garden and landscape. You'll also discover local resources to aid you as you care for and maintain your new native landscape design.

Oregon Landscape Contractors Board and PLANET Professional Landcare Network

Professional gardeners and landscapers also have the opportunity to earn valuable continuing education credit through the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board and PLANET Professional Landcare Network.

Online Landscaping Course Objectives

  • Different regional native plants in North America.
  • Various styles of gardening with native plants.
  • Development and use of cultivars and selected forms of native plants species.
  • Proper care and feeding of native plants.
  • Local resources available to you.

By the end of the course you'll understand the variety of native plants found throughout North America and how to incorporate native plant species through different styles of landscape design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landscaping with Native Plants

Question: "How does this work? Are there books or videos? Homework or labs? Are there quizzes or final exam to pass course?" ~ Tom Nyce

Answer: You'll learn through text and recorded lectures. There are no assigned text books, however, there are weekly assignments. You can login and access the course when it's most convenient and choose when and where you complete the assigned projects.

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On demand. Access any time.
8 to 10 hours
price (2)
Additional Information:

Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (OLCB): 8 CEHs


Heather Stoven

Heather Stoven is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Community Horticulture at Oregon State University. She has a Master of Science degree in Integrated Pest Management and previous ornamental nursery and arboretum experience working with woody and herbaceous plant management including propagation and plant health.

Past Students' Work

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