LXD: Lifelong Learning Engagement Strategies

Effective Learning Experience Designers (LXDs) respect and capitalize on the knowledge that each participant brings to the table. They know how to assess learner needs and then build modules to target those areas. They understand that when learners create and drive their own learning experiences, they are more likely to engage in the process and apply the concepts presented.

As a developing LXD, this course will prepare you to serve as a facilitator of knowledge creation.

Pedagogical toolkit

You will gain a toolkit of pedagogical and andragogical principles and practices that will invite learners to “play, pull, create and explore” to satisfy individual’s learning needs.After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Apply best practices for conducting needs assessments
  • Understand learning experience pedagogy for Early Childhood Ed (ECE), K-20 and 20+ age groups
  • Understand and apply “play, pull, create and explore” methods
  • Understand and apply engagement strategies for f-2-f, hybrid and fully online venues

Learning Experience Design

This course is part of our Learning Experience Design Certificate. The entire series includes:

  1. Elements of Learning Experience Design
  2. UX/UI for Experience Design
  3. Lifelong Learning Engagement Strategies
  4. Advanced Tools and E-Learning Trends
  5. LXD Practicum: Applications in the Wild

Each course may be taken together or individually.

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Six weeks
price (2)
$435 (+ $60 registration fee)
Additional Information: 3.6 CEUs | 36 PDUs

Past Students' Work

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