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Instructional Design Course: UX/UI for Experience Design

This course may be completed on its own or as part of our Learning Experience Design Certificate program. Save $240 when you register for the full certificate. Click here for for details

Gain the foundational understanding of human computer interaction and user experience design through applying design thinking methods and learning the skills involved in designing interactive systems for diverse audiences and purposes.

You will be introduced to different types of prototyping methods as well as how cognition and perception play a critical role in affecting the experience of interaction design. We will carry out the UX design process to design experiences for all users by using appropriate standards of accessibility and implement a user-centric approach that maximize the overall user experience.

User Experience / User Interface Overview

The online user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) course will include:

  • Lectures
  • Reading
  • Discussions
  • Practical application of working through a design problem of your choice

Anna Drake - LXD-1"This is my 2nd online continuing education course related to Instructional Design. I am enrolled in the certificate program. I find that with these courses I really push myself to learn new things and adopt new technologies to get work done. I also enjoy the relationships I develop with other educators and trainers along the way. The peer feedback models are SUPER helpful. The course really jumpstarts your own inspiration and creativity. It also connects you to see what other professionals are doing in the field and provides you with targeted feedback and process. These instructional and e-learning design courses are invaluable in these times." ~ Anna Drake 

UX Design Course

During this six-week user experience and interface online course, you will:

  • Identify key design principles that form the basis of a user’s experience of a product or service
  • Design experiences for all users by drawing from cognitive processes that underlie human-computer interaction
  • Analyze factors that influence the design of user input and feedback in interactive systems
  • Create and evaluate low fidelity prototypes
  • Evaluate user experience using numbers and statistics

Learning Experience Design

This course is part of our Learning Experience Design Certificate. The entire series includes:

  1. Elements of Learning Experience Design
  2. UX/UI for Experience Design
  3. Lifelong Learning Engagement Strategies
  4. Advanced Tools and E-Learning Trends
  5. LXD Practicum: Applications in the Wild

Each course may be taken together or individually.

Fall 2022
Aug. 22 - Oct. 2, 2022
Spring 2023
Mar. 27 - May 7, 2023
Six weeks | Asynchronous
price (2)
$539 (registration cost includes a $60 non-refundable registration fee, per course)
Additional Information: 3.6 CEUs | 36 PDUs

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LXD Practicum: Applications in the Wild

Winter 2023 Dates
Jan. 16 - Feb. 26
Spring 2023 Dates
May 22 - July 2

LXD: Advanced Tools and E-Learning Trends

Summer 2022
Jun. 27 - Aug. 7, 2022
Winter 2023
Jan. 30 - Mar. 12, 2023

Instructional Design Course: Elements of Learning Experience Design

Oct. 17 - Nov. 27, 2022

Instructional Design Course: Lifelong Learning Engagement Strategies

Dec. 5, 2022 - Jan. 15, 2023

It was engaging, motivating, and interesting. I found my classmates fascinating and wanted to have more opportunities to get to know them and learn from their experiences. "Much like opportunities for office hours, and understanding the challenge of logistics with learners all over in terms of time zones and availability - building in time for students to network and learn/interact in some live format would be beneficial.
I will say that I got so much from this course on the whole and would be happy to advocate for the value of the program. I am looking froward to taking more courses."

Micah Gottlieb


Lynne Hindman, Ph.D.

Dr. Lynne Hindman is an educator and resourceful lifelong learner who values partnerships, teamwork, and building bridges across organizations. Certified PreK-12 school principal, tenured teacher, college administrator, university instructor, researcher, and community educator. Lynne has a Masters in Educational Leadership; Specialist in Ed. Administration; and a PhD in Adult & Higher Education with a specialty in Community College Leadership.

Past Students' Work

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