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Navigating Conflict: A Primer for Managing Interpersonal, Small Group and Organizational Conflict

Gain insight and tips about addressing workplace bullying in this on-demand webinar. You'll learn what can be done to prevent bullying and toxic climates.

DID YOU KNOW? The cost of turnover due to workplace culture is $223 billion in the past 5 years (shrm.org). 

This interactive workshop will help you build a foundational understanding of interpersonal, small group and organizational conflict.

You will learn practical applications that you can apply directly to your current situation as you learn how to:

  • Work through individual conflicts
  • Address workplace bullying
  • Facilitate small group issues
  • Improve an organization's conflict climate

You will also gain insight into how approaches to conflict management, based in research and practice, can be applied as a third party facilitator or as a leader within your organization.

The format for this training is designed to provide a foundational, conceptual understanding of conflict as well as practical tools that can be used to address and manage both individual and team conflicts. Case studies, skill-building activities, tools for application, and supplemental resources will be included with presented material.

Navigating Conflict Workshop Overview

In this conflict resolution course you will:

  • Become familiar with researched concepts that provide a foundational understanding of how conflict works at both the individual and organizational levels.
  • Acquire and learn about tools to address different types of conflicts, including workplace bullying and conflict climate.
  • Generate ideas for how to apply these concepts and skills within your interpersonal relationships, team or broader workplace community.

Conflict Management Training Process

Interpersonal and organizational conflict are interdependent and have a reciprocal effect on each other. Through a research-based focus, you will investigate the impact of conflict on an organization and consider how managers and bystanders can intervene.

This workshop targets 16, well-researched relational conditions and communication practices (dimensions) that make up conflict climate. This approach includes an overview of an inclusive 2-hour process for collecting dimension-based themes and outcomes that provide a roadmap for managers to create lasting change.This conflict management course is perfect for:

  • HR professionals who want to understand and identify their role in addressing interpersonal and organizational conflict and bullying.
  • Individuals in the health care industry, education, government, and business who want to learn foundational information of how to address conflicts within their organizations.
  • Those going into the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) field who want to broaden their understanding of conflict management and develop skills.
  • Anyone in a social services field who wants to learn more about interpersonal and group conflict management.

By the end, you will have a good understanding of how to address conflict climate in an organization and have access to tools that help you create real change through inclusive processes.

Coming late summer/early fall 2022
Corvallis, Oregon
price (2)
$495 (+$60 registration fee)
Additional Information: View Syllabus
This conflict management course takes place in person. In accordance with Oregon State University policy, participants will be required to present proof of full Covid-19 vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test (taken within 48 hours before the start of class). Thank you for your cooperation!


Sue Theiss

Sue Theiss has been providing conflict management services and training as an Ombudsperson for over 25 years. While working as a department administrator at the Arizona Health Science Center she volunteered for, and co-chaired, the University of Arizona's Ombudsperson committee. As the Director for the Ombuds Office at the University of Arkansas, Sue provided confidential conflict resolution services, developed and co-taught a university course on conflict and anger management, and offered a 32-hour mediation course for employees. At Oregon State University, Sue provides informal, neutral, and confidential conflict management services, available to all members of the University Community.

As part of the International Ombuds Association (IOA), Sue has presented at conferences and regional trainings on workplace bullying and conflict climate. She co-developed and presented "Theory and Applications for the Organizational Ombudsperson", a two day Core course for IOA Ombuds from government, private, and public organizations and members around the globe. Sue has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Communication. Her thesis research and related publications and papers are on understanding and addressing workplace bullying.

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