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OHCC Professional Development Certification Classes

Ready to take the next step in your career development?

Professional Development Certification Brochure Link

- Gain knowledge and stay current on skills that you can apply immediately to your work.
- SB1534 (mandatory training) requirements are met once you have your PDC.
- Best of all, the courses are free, you may qualify for a stipend and you will get a pay differential too!
- A PDC meets the pre-requisite requirements for the Enhanced Certification and the Community Health Worker Certification.

PDC brochure (PDF)

In the online OHCC PACE system, you may register for available PDC classes (see below). You may earn your PDC with 3 core, 5 safety and 5 elective credits (assuming related requirements are met). Note: In addition to the instructor-led courses below, we also offer on-demand versions of Keeping It Professional, Working Together and Helping Caregivers Fight Fraud and Abuse. 

Course Title Type of course (Core, Safety, Elective) Course Hours - for Webinar (In-Person)
Keeping It Professional Core 3.5
Helping Caregivers Fight Fraud and Abuse Core 3.5
Working Together Core 3
Bathing and Grooming Elective 3.5
Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others Elective 2.5
Dementia 101 Elective 3
Diabetes by the Numbers Elective 4
Diversity Awareness: Challengs Facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgeter Older Adults Elective 3
Compass (must complete cohort) Safety (5 credit hours) 7 sessions; 1rst session 3 hours; subsequent 2 hours
Driver Safety Safety 2.5
Durable Medical Equipment Elective 4
End of Life Elective 3
Everyone Communicates (PSW) Elective 4
Gen Silent Elective 2
Grief & Loss Elective 3.5
Heart Healthy Elective 3
Introduction to Cultural Competency Elective 2.5
Medication Safety Safety 3
Mental Health First Aid  Safety - 5 credit hours; Elective 3 hours 8
Nutrition Basics Elective 4
Protecting Against Sprains and Strains Safety 3.5
Preventing Disease Transmission Safety 2
Respiratory Care Elective 3
Sensory Processing Disorders - Adults Elective 3
Sensory Processing Disorders- Child Elective 3
Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques Elective 3
Taking Responsibility for Personal Safety Safety 3
Working with Challenging Behaviors Elective 3


Scheduled webinars, in-person events and on-demand training
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Free for eligible workers

Past Students' Work

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