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Presentation and Public Speaking Training - Smartmouth Communications

The SmartMouth philosophy is that "communication is the currency of success" and so those who can present their ideas well and be influential and succeed and those who can't, don't.

Given that most business presentations are plagued by too much information and often lack clear, identifiable (or memorable) key points, this course helps learners overcome that. It is based on a proven methodology that has been honed over the past 12 years with thousands of learners – which essentially helps presenters organize their thoughts and material in a way that works for speaker and audience alike.

Lifetime Access

"Presentations" is highly interactive and delivers insights, tips and a framework for putting together an effective presentation. The interactivity throughout the course culminates in a “SpeechBuilder” tool – basically, a fully responsive fill-in-the-blanks app – at the end, to which learners have lifetime access.

The course uses high-quality video, takes an average of 1-2 hours to complete, and is self-paced.

On Demand. Access Anytime.
Estimated 1-2 hours
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Past Students' Work

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