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OHCC Training

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Welcome homecare workers, personal support
workers, and personal care attendants!

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Here are just a few benefits of maintaining your career with OHCC training:

Higher Pay

Personal Knowledge and Growth

Collaboration with Other Workers


Important: With the launch of our new training system in late July 2022, all workers will need to submit a new training account request (see below). The new system will not fully reflect training you may have completed prior to August 1, 2022 until later this year. 

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Once your account is active, you can view and register for upcoming classes. Log in, then click "Register for a Course" (highlighted below) to enroll in upcoming classes. Click here for more detailed instructions. 


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There are four different OHCC Certifications

Professional Development Certification (PDC)

The Oregon Home Care Commission recognizes homecare workers and personal support workers who are lifelong learners and want to continue developing their skills through the Professional Development Certification program​.​ Complete the PDC and you'll not only gain valuable knowledge to help you on the job - you'll also receive an hourly wage increase of 50 cents per hour for 24 months. Plus, you can renew your certification to keep learning (and maintain your higher wage). Talk about rewarding! 

Completing Professional Development Certification also allows you to begin training toward higher-level certifications (Enhanced Certification, Exceptional Certification). See below for additional information. 

Learn more about PDC Certification


Young man giving medications to an older woman


Home helper serving breakfast to elderly woman


Advance in your career by earning the Enhanced Certification with your peers; share life experiences while learning new techniques and skills. PDC certification or readiness assessment is required before you can start this program. 

Learn more



Once you've earned the Enhanced Certification (at left), the next step is OHCC's Exceptional Certification. Complete this program to increase your knowledge and take your career to the next level. Open up new opportunities and rewards with this top certification.  Learn more


Ventilator-Dependent Quadriplegia (VDQ) Certification

Homecare workers providing services to individuals who experience quadriplegia and are ventilator-dependent  may earn VDQ certification. This will help you provide high-quality care and receive an increased wage while doing so.  

Learn more

OHCC Career Insights

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 2.16.12 PM"When you are working for homecare workers, you enjoy it because you believe that you made something good for these people. I believe that this is a very good job and here in Oregon, we have a lot of very good benefits. And this is very good because you get a better life too. You helped other people have a better life, but you will also have a better life helping others."
~ Ana Cerritos
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 2.19.00 PMI find the whole process here in the state rewarding because there's very little paperwork, there's very good support from our social workers and I feel like I can devote more time to her because I'm not caught up with a lot of paperwork and meetings and things that can bog you down. So Bobbie and I get to spend more time together and do some fun things and it's very rewarding for me and I think it's better for her because she has someone who can give her this one-on-one care is very personalized for her and I think other people if they would get into this area they would find it also very rewarding to take care of it whether it was one person a relative several people whatever you want to do you would find it rewarding and easy to work here in this state of Oregon.
~ Bobby Lynn Brown and Linda Bowen




Community Health Worker

100% remote | Instructor-led | Online


CHW Management of Chronic Health Conditions

Self-Paced | Online | 12 CEU's

CHW Supporting Families with Special Needs

Self-Paced | Online | 12 CEU's



Nourished & Thriving Kids

Self-Paced | Online | Free

Data Analytics Bootcamp

10-26 weeks | Online | In-demand tech skills

Technical Writing Certificate

Instructor -led | Online | 16 CEUs

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