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Customized Team Training

Unleash the potential in your workforce through team training
and customized workforce development designed specifically for you.
  • Inspire employees with relevant certificates
  • Drive innovation and engage employees
  • Build a culture of personal growth


Cost of a New Hire

According to studies from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it can cost six to nine months salary every time a business finds and replaces an employee.

For instance, to find and replace a $40,000 position, it could cost nearly $20,000 to $30,000 to recruit, train and get up-to-speed the previous employee.


Importance of Training

According to a recent Gallup report, 87% of millennials reported that professional development and/or career growth opportunities are very important for selecting and staying with an employer. 

Customized Employee Education



Professional and Continuing Education offers university approved curriculum taught by seasoned instructors who target and fine-tune training to various audiences, meet business requirements and transfer learning to the corporate environment.


Our dedicated team works closely with your training and human resources groups to customize curriculum that addresses the most pressing challenges facing your organization.


Our workforce training can be delivered 100 percent online, on-site, or we can offer a hybrid approach with a combination of online sessions and on-site instruction.

Schedule your pre-training assessment

Our workforce training team has had the privilege of working with organizations small and large, from professional
associations to small businesses to international corporations. 
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Toni Payseno
Contracts and Procurement Manager
 I haven't found anything OSU can't provide! OSU well meets our needs and OSU staff have been very responsive to questions and requested follow up feedback after the training sessions to ensure they met our needs. It's an efficient way to procure training needed by our staff.

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