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Microgrees in a person hands



Klamath County Extension Farm to School and SNAP-Ed program is offering microgreens grow kits for your classroom!

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Microgreens Grow Kit

Please see the optional supporting lesson materials section below for additional, ready to print, planting journal/worksheets.

If you would like to request a growing kit with printed materials to send home to your students click here to contact us. In your email, please  include your school name, teacher name, and number of students. Please request minimum 1 week prior to date needed. *If you request a grow light,it will need to be returned to the Klamath County Extension office. 

Please contact us if you would like to set up a zoom session with and OSU educator to guest teach or just pop in to check on your progress. In your email, please include the following in your request: date, lesson and time by email click here. Please request minimum 1 week prior to date needed. 

Supporting Lesson Materials
(printable lesson materials by grade)


(More information on growing) 



Grow Light Options 
(Photo examples of grow lights) 

  • The pictures below are the two grow light options you have to choose from. Each grow light will need to be returned to Klamath County Extension Office. An OSU educator can organize a pick up of the grow light when you request a kit at no cost to you. 
  • Clip On Grow Light: Has a timer
  • Hanging Grow Light: No timer



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