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Dairy Quality Micro Certificate

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Dairy Quality Certificate

The eight-module Dairy Quality Certificate teaches you the fundamentals of basic microbiology and pasteurization in dairy processing, and you'll gain the tools to analyze and evaluate quality and safety in a production dairy setting.

This certificate includes the essentials of:

  • Dairy chemistry and microbiology
  • Pasteurization technologies
  • Sanitation
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality Systems

You'll also learn about sampling, inspecting and testing to ensure a repeatable high quality finished product at scale. 


Dairy Quality Certificate
Required Modules

Here are the eight modules to complete the Dairy Quality Certificate. Once you complete this certificate you will get credit for 2-5 modules of the Basic Dairy Production Certificate.

Module 1 Thumbnail
module 2
module 3

MODULE 1: Intro to Dairy Production and Processing Industry
Module 1 is intended to be an overview of our U.S. dairy industry from farm to table, and to give context to where the dairy processing sector fits in the total dairy supply chain.

MODULE 2: Dairy Chemistry and Physics
Module 2 is important to understand the principles and aims of cleaning and sanitation in the production of dairy products.

MODULE 3: Dairy Microbiology
Module 3 is intended to be an overview of fundamentals of dairy microbiology – including microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) and microbial growth factors and characteristics.

module 4
module 5
module 6

MODULE 4: Fluid Milk I
In module 4, we will be looking at the unit operations involved in fluid milk processing and dairy products manufacture.

MODULE 5: Fluid Milk II
In module 5, we will be looking at higher heat, thermal operations that go beyond normal pasteurization conditions and are used in processing of fluid milk and other liquid dairy products.

MODULE 6: Common Dairy Equipment
In module 6, we will be looking at the equipment used in dairy processing.

MODULE 15: Supply Chain Management for Non-Dairy Ingredients
MODULE 16: Quality Systems and Finished Product Quality

MODULE 15: Supply Chain Management for Non-Dairy Ingredients
In module 15, we will look at a broad array of non-dairy ingredients that, when added to milk, help us make delicious and safe dairy products like yogurt, ice cream, cheese and more!

MODULE 16: Quality Systems and Finished Product Quality
 In module 16, we will look at a Quality System including sampling, testing, and inspection of our ingredients, in-process products, and finished products.





If you've completed the Essential Certificate, you would only need to complete one to four additional modules to earn targeted micro certificates.

Conversely, if you've completed any of the micro certificates first, you would get credit for 2-5 modules of the fundamental 12 modules already completed.

And any modules you complete will be applied towards the full Advanced Certificate.

The Essential Dairy Foods Manufacturing Certificate will give you the needed skills and expertise that companies require. This certificate consists of 12 essential modules plus 1 elective in a specialized focus.
The Advanced Certificate builds on the fundamentals laid out in the Essentials Dairy Certificate and dives deeper into more focused and specialized areas of dairy manufacturing. This certificate consists of all 23 modules, which empowers you with insight and knowledge on a wide range of dairy aspects.


OTHER Dairy Food Manufacturing Micro Certificates

Dairy Food Safety Micro Certificate

The five-module Dairy Food Safety Micro Certificate focuses on creating a culture of safety in a dairy facility both for the products themselves as well as the team that produces them.

Fermented Dairy Products Micro Certificate

The nine-module Fermented Dairy Product Micro Certificate starts with the basics of dairy production and then goes into the essentials of fermented products within the dairy facility.

Dried Dairy Products Micro Certificate

This ten-module Dried Dairy Products Micro Certificate is focused on the systematic process of making dried dairy products as well as the science and safety that ensure a high-quality product.

Qualified Individual Micro Certificate. Modules 8 & 10. GMPs and Food Safety Systems and Culture. These modules are needed by all plant personnel and can be repeated annually to meet FSMA refresher training requirements for Food Hygiene and Food Safety. The certificate would be perfect for new hires and annual refresher training for all plant workers.