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Broaden Your Impact

Professional and Continuing Education can partner with you to reach your broader impact requirements on grant submissions. We can help you develop this section of your application and build the necessary programming to reach a larger audience with your research.

We have a number of activities to help support or complement your research.

Example Activities & Costs

Live webinar series with three individual episodes discussing your research, results and impact

  • $1,000 minimum of grant monies for developing, deploying and archiving series

Podcast series with five episodes. You can present a podcast series throughout the duration of the grant, documenting progress, impact and results. A minimum number of five episodes can be published via the existing Professional and Continuing Education channel.

  • $3,000 minimum of grant monies for developing, recording and deploying series

Self-paced or instructor-led online. You can work in collaboration with Professional and Continuing Education project managers and instructional designers to develop and build an online course that covers your research topic. This course can be made available to other researchers, graduate students and institutions to benefit from the advancement and knowledge of the topic area.

  • $10,000 minimum of grant monies for building, running and marketing course

We can also discuss other ways of helping you reach a larger audience through broader impacts for your grant, such as a YouTube video series, blogposts and more. 

Contact us with your project