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Oregon State University's Professional and Continuing Education accepts various funding sources and payment options.

Business Payment Plans

It's been shown that most employers will financially support employee's pursuit of professional development to ensure skills are kept up to date.

According to research by EdAssist, more than 60% of employers offer some form of tuition assistance.

As such, we can accept a wide variety of payment options such as:

  • purchase orders and invoices
  • credit cards
  • checks

If you're part of OSU's faculty, staff, or a student, we can accept department index numbers.

Installment Payments

Professional and Continuing Education is unable to accept multiple payments for our courses. Payment in full is required at time of registration.

Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) Grants and Scholarships

Click to see a complete list of OSAC grants and scholarships along with specific eligibility requirements for each.

Apply for over 600 scholarships in one application OSAC Scholarship Catalog


QUALIFYING FOR AMERICORPS: AmeriCorps funding is offered to those who have joined the organization and performed community service at a federal, state, or local level. If you are not a member, the funding would not be available.

AmeriCorps is a national society program that empowers more than 80,000 American volunteers each year at 20,000 unique sites including:

  • nonprofits
  • schools
  • public agencies
  • and community and faith-based groups across the country

Most volunteers work full-time for about a year, and in return for their time and hard work, volunteers receive a place to live, college tuition assistance, and a living allowance.

Since the program’s founding in 1994, more than 1 million AmeriCorps members have contributed more than 1.4 billion hours in service across America.



If you qualify for AmeriCorps funding, please contact Professional and Continuing Education at pace@oregonstate.edu notifying them of your intent to use AmeriCorps funds, the course you are registering in and the amount of the funding requested so that we may watch for a verification request from AmeriCorps.

Important information:

AmeriCorps requires participants to be enrolled and their course paid for in full before they will approve funding. Here are the steps for utilizing AmeriCorps funds:

  1. Complete your registration, including full payment
  2. Contact AmeriCorps and submit a request for funds https://www.nationalservice.gov/build-your-capacity
  3. If AmeriCorps approves your request they will contact us to verify your enrollment
  4. We will receive a check for half of the funded amount around the first day of the course. We will then reimburse you for the same amount.
  5. We will receive a second check approximately half way through the course for the remainder of the funded amount and we will then process a refund to you for the second part of the funding.

If funding is not approved or if the course is not completed, we can not process your refund(s).

Please review our refund and cancellation policy

Federal Financial Aid

Because the courses we offer are not-for-credit, Professional and Continuing Education does not qualify for federal funding (FAFSA, GI Bill, etc.). 

Refund Policy

Cohort-based online courses or programs: To receive a 100% refund (minus the non-refundable $60 registration fee, if applicable) you must email the withdrawal request to pace@oregonstate.edu on or prior to the second day of the class. To be eligible for a refund, requests must be received no later than 48 hours after the class begins.  Students who enroll in the course or program after that 48 hour deadline will not be eligible for a refund. Participants who transfer to a later course/session will not be eligible for a refund.

Please visit the Refund page to see the refund policy in full.


Transfers are allowed only within the same course. i.e.: you may transfer from the Spring offering of a course to the Fall offering of the same course, but may not transfer to a different course or program.

A $60 transfer fee will be applied when you enroll in the subsequent course.

You may only transfer once. If you are unable to complete a course the second time and still wish to take it, you must re-enroll at full price.

If you wish to take advantage of the transfer option, you should contact us at pace@oregonstate.edu and include:

  • Your name (or the name you used to enroll)
  • The name of the current course session
  • The start date of the current course session
  • The start date of the new session desired

You will be contacted with transfer instructions for your specific course.