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Group Registration

Enroll your team as a group into a course and certificate program in our catalog. Monitor employee enrollment and completion status. 

Support from workplace peers
Group discounts
Monitor enrollment and completion


Enroll as a group.

Enroll your team as a group in a course or certificate program in our catalog. Benefits of a group registration include: 

  • Employees support one another while completing the coursework
  • Employers can financially sponsor a portion or entirety of the course fee
  • Employers can have administrative access to receive reports on their employee enrollment and course completion statuses 
  • 10% discount for groups of 10 or more employees for select courses 

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Group Discounts 

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality training at an accessible price. We are able to go beyond our competitive rates by offering a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more employees for select courses. Some courses are eligible for additional discounts depending on your group size or industry. Contact us to see if your group is eligible.

Employer Sponsorship 

Employers who financially sponsor employees’ professional development see ample return on investment, ranging from increased employee satisfaction to a more skilled workforce. Employers can sponsor a portion or entirety of their employee's enrollment in an OSU PACE program. We generate a discount code for the employee(s) to use at time of registration to reduce their out-of-pocket expense. We send the employer an invoice with details on the diverse payment methods including check and credit card.  Preview the Accepted Payment Options for additional information. 

Employer Admin Access 

Employers of a group registration can be granted administrative access to the PACE learning management system. This enables supervisors or team leads to access reports on their employee enrollment and course completion statuses as well as the status of your account with OSU PACE at any time. Don’t worry about learning a new system – we'll help you navigate the four clicks. 

Employee Registration

Each employee will register for the course(s) to ensure they have individual access to the course materials. Employees can register from the public website or from the PACE-provided link to register. If a group is needed, employees will utilize the group code at the time of registration. The code will be case-sensitive.

Getting Started

Contact our team and we will ask you:

  • In which course(s) or certificate program(s) from the PACE catalog would you like to enroll 
  • How many team members will enroll? 
  • If there is employer financial support, what percentage or dollar amount of the course fee is employer-sponsored? 
  • Would the supervisor like admin access to the learning system? 


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