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Training Consultation

We review your existing training materials and elevate it to enhance the employee experience and increase team performance. 

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Enhance collaboration, communication, and innovation within your team.

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Increase employee engagement
Extend the reach of your trainings
Digitize reoccurring trainings


You started it.
We help you amplify it. 

Enhance your existing training programs and elevate your employee experience. 
Do you have existing material from a one-time workshop or a reoccurring webinar? Our team can
 elevate your materials into an engaging and enriching development experience. From online digitization to streamlined onboarding, PACE will help you take your training to the next level.  

Our most common consultations include:

  • Digitization of reoccurring trainings
  • Instructional design to increase training effectiveness and employee engagement 
  • Expansion of trainings to a wider audience 

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The PACE Strength

Training Consultation looks different for each organization. The beauty is in the capacity to leverage the array of PACE services including:

Workforce Development: The workforce development team works one-on-one with you to ensure that the team training is meeting the needs of your organization and industry to provide the right solution for you and your team. This team will be your point of contact throughout the consultation. 

Instructional Design: Our instructional design team has a proven record of building effective learning experiences that utilize the latest technologies. This team collaborates with the instructor developing the course content, going beyond the curriculum to refine the user experience and course design, evaluating and assisting with course pedagogy, and more.

Multimedia: Our multimedia team produces top-quality video and assets for the training and its promotion. Goodbye self-recordings in the living room and hello studio quality sound and lighting. Our marketing services will help you reach your target audience and build a following for your program. We have years of experience and insight and a successful history of promoting new programs.

Enrollment Services: The enrollment services team provides support that allows everything else to happen, including registration management, learner support, transaction management, credentials and certificates, and more. This team serves as the front-line support for our learners, ensuring they work with a person, not a bot.





Examples of Training Consultation


Employer Story: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) sought PACE’s training consultation to offer essential training for U.S. scientists researchers in a more convenient self-paced online format. Until that time, the agency offered the program primarily in a site-based format that often required an investment in travel and time on the part of instructors and attendees alike.

Through our collaboration, PACE worked with USDA experts to create and manage a self-paced online version of “Meeting Requirements of Animal Welfare Act” program. This has enabled USDA to greatly reduce reliance on costly in-person training programs while providing new data and insights on participant engagement. USDA continues to rely on PACE’s robust online platform to deliver and manage this high-value program. To date, the agency has had more than 500 researchers enroll in the online program. 

Employer Story: Materials Technology Institute 

Materials Technology Institute (MTI), a membership-driving organization, provides materials engineering solutions to the processing industry. With member companies including Dow, Dupont, Chevron and Fluor, among others, MTI provides management of technical projects as well as a wide array of technical training to its members. 

MTI partnered with PACE for a training consultation to develop online training that would allow member companies to certify employees in industrial facility inspection techniques. This training was originally designed by MTI to support members efforts to manage the lifecycle of industrial storage facilities. Properly managed, such facilities can help maximize resources and address safety while reducing cost.  

Through this collaboration, the PACE team transformed a formerly presentation-based training into a state-of-the-art, interactive online training program. This on-demand experience includes dynamic elements that allow participants to closely examine photos and multimedia to illustrate, and ensure understanding of, key technical principles. The PACE instructional design process also embedded activities to assess learners’ progress throughout.  

The introduction of this training marks a new approach for MTI, which is now positioned to offer its member companies a unique and dynamic approach to training employees for essential technical roles.  


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