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Custom Team Training

We build a custom training or modify an existing course in our catalog tailored for your organization's immediate and unique needs.

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Enhance collaboration, communication, and innovation within your team.

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Tailored to your unique needs
Delivered in your preferred modality and schedule
Full-service support from design to delivery


Customized for you.

Our workforce development team creates a custom learning and development experience tailored to and immediately relevant to your business. We leverage the latest industry practices and time-tested knowledge to increase your team’s competitive advantage.  

 We can build a new course or modify an existing course in our catalog to address your team’s unique needs. Our Program Managers listen to your team’s needs and target objectives. We source OSU faculty and industry experts to craft curriculum with the latest industry understanding and time-tested knowledge. Our instructional design team scaffolds an effective learning experience, from developing the media-rich training content and assessment strategy for your employees to master the content. The delivery is also determined by your needs. Online, in-person, hybrid, you name it and we deliver.  

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What You Can Expect: The PACE Approach

Custom Training is flexible and scalable. You can expect agility when partnering with PACE. Our approach often looks like the following:

1. Listen: We listen to your team’s unique needs as well as industry and labor market trends. Together we identify the learning objectives fit for your organization.  
2. Source: We source OSU faculty and industry experts to craft a curriculum with the latest industry understanding and time-tested knowledge. 
3. Design: We design an effective learning experience, including top-quality media-rich content and an assessment strategy on your employees’ mastery of the content. 
4. Enroll: We enroll your team into our learning management system for convenient tracking and reporting of your training–for our online and hybrid courses.  
5. Deliver: Online, hybrid, or in person. You name it and we deliver the training in the modality best for your organization.  
6. Evaluate: We evaluate your team to ensure successful mastery of the learning objectives and brief the training effectiveness for our mutual continuous improvement.  


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Examples of Custom Training


Employer Story: E & J Gallo Winery

E & J Gallo Winery (Gallo) sought a custom team training to equip their sales professionals with up-to-date and thorough knowledge of technology-driven sales and marketing tactics. PACE build an in-depth sales and marketing training for the company’s national sales workforce. This customized experience combined self-paced introductory modules with a series of transformative on-site workshops led by PACE-recruited industry experts. PACE’s customized hybrid solution addressed the company’s goal of equipping its salesforce with expanded insights on marketing tools and tactics to support distributors across the U.S. and beyond. This highly focused effort combined Gallo’s internal expertise, brand and priorities with the perspective of marketing industry professionals recruited by PACE specifically for this initiative. The program saw the company’s sales professionals complete a series of interactive online modules and culminated in intensive on-site workshops that took place in Berkeley, California.  

Employer Story: Xavier University

Xavier University of Louisiana became aware of Oregon State University’s unique and scalable model of providing self-paced online Disability Access Services training to its faculty. In an effort to address a similar need at its own institution, Xavier’s Human Resources team sought solutions from PACE to utilize the university’s  core curriculum to train its own faculty. PACE facilitated a collaboration with OSU's Disability Access Services team to modify OSU’s existing online modules for use by Xavier. The result? A Xavier-branded online course that allowed our partners to rapidly scale disability training across its organization – despite limited time and resources.  


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