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Developing a Successful Agritourism Business in Oregon

If you've considered agricultural tourism as an option for your farm business, then this is the class for you. Over the course of this program, you will build an understanding of the multiple elements involved in setting up and managing a successful agritoursim enterprise.

These topics include types of agricultural tourism enterprises and how agritourism can become a part of your whole farm business. You will learn about managing risk, understanding legal requirements, marketing your agricultural tourism business, and customer service and hospitality.

At the end, if you decide agricultural tourism is a good fit for your farm business, you will be prepared to move forward on a path that helps you achieve your long-term goals.

What You'll Learn

In this course you will:

  • Become familiar with the wide variety of activities that fall under the general heading of agritourism.
  • Determine which agricultural tourism enterprises are a good fit with your farm or ranch business.
  • Understand the essential steps in setting up and managing a successful agritourism enterprise.
  • Know the legal requirements for agricultural tourism businesses in Oregon and increase your awareness of land use laws at the state and county levels.
  • Be able to identify the legal and liability risks of agritourism and how to mitigate them.
  • Know what the public expects in terms of customer service and be able to provide a safe and welcoming experience for visitors.
  • Complete an Action Plan that will help you begin developing and implementing your agricultural tourism business.
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Melissa Fery

Melissa Fery has been with OSU Extension Service for 15 years serving small acreage farms in the Lane, Linn and Benton County region. Her special interests include small-scale livestock, pasture production, soil quality, land management and agritourism. She provides educational programming and technical expertise in these areas and others. Melissa studied agriculture at Oregon State University where she earned a B.S. in Crop Science and M.S. in Soil Science. Melissa and her family live in Lane County on a small acreage where she enjoys a rural lifestyle, growing plants and raising animals.

Audrey Comerford

Audrey Comerford serves as the Agritourism Coordinator for OSU Extension Service in Marion, Polk and Yamhill Counties. Growing up in the Willamette Valley gave her the opportunity to be familiar with diverse farming activities. Audrey’s efforts strive to bring education and understanding about the benefits of agritourism and farm-direct marketing as an additional revenue source to farmers, tourism groups and government entities. She is part of the OSU College of Agriculture’s Agritourism Working Group and currently collaborates with organizations such as Travel Oregon, Oregon Agritourism Partnership and local tourism offices. Before joining the OSU Extension Service, Audrey coordinated and managed school tours along with other aspects of farm-direct sales. She currently lives on a small farm with her husband and raises sheep for fiber.

Past Students' Work

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