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Introduction to Growing and Designing Cut Flowers

Urban agriculture isn’t only about vegetables and chickens! There’s also a flourishing world of flower growers on the scene. They’re filling a similar niche as vegetable farmers; they provide a fresher crop than any supply chain could hope for, and they often grow a diversity of flowers to complement rather than compete with the commodities of common flowers like roses and carnations.

In this Introduction to Growing and Designing Cut Flowers course, we will explore how colors relate to one another, what a flower even is, and investigate the workings of two different urban flower farms.

What You'll Learn in this Floriculture Course

After completing this Floriculture program, you'll be able to:

  • Interpret the information given to you by a local florist and turn it into actionable advice for local flower growers looking to sell to this florist.
  • Demonstrate the floral bouquet design process.
  • Tell how bouquet design and farm layout interact.
  • Relate the story of flower cultivation.
  • Analyze the production style and success of a small, urban, flower farm.
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Mykl Nelson

Mykl grew up in a military family and has traveled around the globe. He started down his agricultural path after picking the makings of a salad directly into a bowl while standing within a greenhouse in his backyard in Colorado.

Mykl came to the Pacific Northwest to enter the agricultural sector and really immerse himself in an environment of plant growth.  . He spent a handful of years at Oregon State University to retrain in a new undergraduate degree so he could finish with a Master’s of Horticulture. He's worked on a handful of farms and tended ever-larger gardens, often on someone else's land. He is now creating and teaching courses at OSU as the Instructor of Urban Agriculture.

In addition to his work for OSU's certificate program in urban agriculture, he is experimenting with a system to convert food waste into insect protein. Outside the university, Mykl gardens when he can and runs a number of nutrient cycling experiments.

Past Students' Work

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