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Communicating the Craft: Craft Beverage Marketing

“I’m not a best-writing author; I’m a best selling author.” - Robert Kiyosaki

You may be the best brewer, cider maker or wine producer, but if your sales aren't where they should be, your beverage writing could make all the difference.

Writing in the craft beverage industry can be a lucrative career, but if you're starting and running your own beverage business, you can gain the key writing skills and do it yourself. For free!

Especially if you have a hand in your own craft beer marketing or wine marketing, this copy writing for beer/wine/cider course will be one more arrow in your quiver.

Beer, Cider, Wine and Spirits Marketing Strategy

This 5-week online course is designed specifically for you producers of craft beer, cider, wine, and spirits, and it will show you:

  • How to communicate with your customers
  • How those customers communicate with each other about their product
  • How to write wine descriptions that entice customers to try your brand over your competition
  • How to tap in to those networks that influence consumers, enthusiasts, and tastemakers

Be Your Own Beer Writer

The pleasures of “crafting”, say, a perfect saison, take many forms. From the first stages of generating the beer’s concept, deciding which qualities will set it apart, to crafting the beverage, patiently waiting for it to ferment, and then sharing that experience with customers as a final product—the aesthetic and sensual pleasures of producing and crafting are numerous and unique. These aspects of craft have another potential as well.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify and use the newest and most relevant social media platforms relevant to craft beverages
  • Use the concepts of "genre" and "rhetorical situation" to match different modes and styles of writing to every context of producing, selling, and consuming craft beverages.
  • Appeal to emotions and establish credibility to set your product apart
  • Understand how consumers communicate about your product and how to promote your products within those networks
  • Connect the experience of production with the experience of tasting
  • Tap into the distinctiveness of "crafting" cultures

Elevate Your Wine Marketing and Craft Beer Marketing

When properly captured in words, in the right place, at the right time, and in the appropriate format, they can, through the crafting of words, coalesce into a narrative that persuades enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike to buy a product.

The course instructs students how to write in various genres relevant to producing and marketing, and then how to adapt those genres to relevant and popular platforms in social media, blogging, smartphone applications, and ratings websites.

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Sam Schwartz

Sam Schwartz teaches writing and literature at Oregon State University. He earned a Ph.D. in English from the University of Arizona, and has taught at universities in Virginia and Tennessee. His interest in writing about craft beverages is inspired by the wealth and vitality of craft beverage culture throughout the Willamette Valley.

Past Students' Work

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