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Growing Farms Online: Successful Whole Farm Management

For a limited time, you'll receive a physical copy of the "Whole Farm Management from Start-up to Sustainability" book, written by the course authors, as a free gift for registering ($27 value).

How to Start an Organic Sustainable Farm

Growing Farms Online: Successful Whole Farm Management provides farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to develop and manage a successful farm business. This course is for you if:

  • You are considering starting a farm business.
  • You are within your first five years of farming and want to grow.
  • You are considering major changes to your farm business.

Growing Farms Program Overview

The core Growing Farms course is a series of six online modules that lead you through the basics of managing a successful farm business. (Continue scrolling and watch the videos below to experience each module.)

The course was developed by OSU Small Farms Program faculty and other farm management experts, and is presented in an interactive and graphically rich format. Modules include more than four hours of video created specifically for the Growing Farms course, and feature six Oregon farmers who share their experience and insights about farming (see Featured Farmers).

Although the course draws on examples from Oregon's robust farming communities, its innovative examples, models and insights are highly relevant to farmers nationwide.

Growing Farms Online Option

In the 100% online Growing Farms course, you work through the six online modules at your own pace, on your own schedule. There is no 'instructor', but you may contact the course coordinator if you have questions. You will have access to the modules for a five-month period from the date you register.

Turn your dream of owning and operating a small farm or ranch into a successful reality.

Experience the Growing Farms Modules

The core of the Growing Farms course is a series of six online modules that lead you through the basics of managing a successful low impact farm business.


Dream It. Laying the groundwork for success through planning, assessing your resources, and creating an identity for your farm.

Do It. Building the farm through smart investments in equipment and infrastructure, hiring and managing employees effectively, and monitoring energy consumption.

Sell It. Developing successful markets for your farm products with strategies that are compatible with your personal and financial goals, and that capitalize on customer needs and trends.

Manage It. Strengthening your farm business through better financial management, tracking production costs and pricing, and establishing procedures for record keeping and accounting.

Grow It. Working with nature to create and manage a farm ecosystem that is productive, able to resist pests, and enhances the quality of your land and other natural resources.

Keep It. Sustaining the farm business over the long-haul through entrepreneurship, development of good communication within the family and business team, careful attention to regulations, and risk management.

Free Growing Farms Resources

If you'd like to learn more about growing and managing a successful farm business, here are some great FREE resources from our OSU experts:


On demand. Access any time.
3-6 hours per online module
price (2)
$150 $100

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Past Students' Work

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