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Meeting the Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) online workshop helps Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) members, researchers, veterinarians, information providers, institutional officials, and others gain insight into the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and how to meet its requirements for considering alternatives to painful and distressful procedures involving animals in research, teaching, and testing.

This online version of the workshop provides an interactive environment where participants can learn about the history of animal welfare law, the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal use), and how to conduct a literature search for animal use alternatives.

Combining the expertise of the AWIC staff and the flexibility of self-paced learning, the online workshop meets the needs of those involved in animal research, teaching, and testing nationwide.

What You'll Cover

  • An overview of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and its regulations,

  • 3Rs alternatives (replacement, reduction, and refinement),

  • Databases and resources available to access scientific literature, and

  • A systematic approach to conducting a literature search for animal use alternatives.

On demand. Access any time.
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D'Anna Jensen

D’Anna has a B.S. degree in Biology with minors in Wildlife Biology and Animal Science from the University of Maryland. She is a certified Lab Animal Technologist with the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. She has extensive experience with dairy, swine, and equine on the farm, as well as biomedical research models from mice and rats, to dogs, cats, swine, sheep, goats, horses, and even ducks.

Kristina Adams

Kristina began working at AWIC in 2003. She received a B.S. degree in Zoology from Miami University in 1995 and worked as a large mammal keeper at the Baltimore Zoo (now the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore) for 4 years. After leaving the zoo, Kristina pursued a graduate degree in Animal and Avian Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Sandra Ball

Sandra came to AWIC in 2002 and has worked as a Director of Administration, web manager for a company that develops software for formulating models in the field of optimization; marketing assistant; program assistant; assistant to CEO and general counsel part-time; admin for a veterinary clinic as well as equestrian instructor. Sandra has a B.S. degree in Business Administration and is now an Information Technology Specialist with the Animal Welfare Information Center.

Tim Allen

Tim received a graduate degree in Poultry Endocrinology from the University of Maryland and began working at AWIC in 1992. Prior to arriving at AWIC, he was a pharmacologist with Nova Pharmaceuticals, Eastman Pharmaceuticals, and Sterling Drug.

*Our colleague and friend, Tim Allen, passed away on November 13, 2016. Tim’s knowledge, grace, and good humor were key ingredients to many AWIC products and services over the years, especially the training program.

Past Students' Work

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