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Recycling 101

Access the Free Intro Recycling course to get a broad overview of recycling and what you can expect from the Recycling 101 Certificate.

There is no planet B.

Protect natural resources by learning about recycling, composting and waste reduction with Recycling 101, an online, self-paced course created in partnership with the Association of Oregon Recyclers.

Recycling 101 Certificate Overview

You will engage with thought-provoking text and multimedia to learn how your own waste prevention choices can positively affect our planet’s natural resources.

Travel the life cycle of a recycled item and learn techniques to influence people to make the right choices at work and home through Recycling 101's dynamic videos and case studies.

Modeled after the successful Master Recycler program and relaunched in October 2017, this online, self-paced course trains you in waste reduction, composting and residential and commercial recycling.

You'll complete this eight-part course with the tools to help you save money, resources and energy and reduce your environmental footprint.

Recycling 101 Learning Objectives

By the end of the Recycling 101 course, you will learn:

  • Effects of consumer choices on the environment, resource conservation and recycling improvement in Oregon.
  • Actions that have the largest environmental impact in terms of waste reduction and commercial recycling.
  • Lessons from the successful Master Recycler program.
  • Facts about waste and why we need to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Steps in the material stream process and product life cycles
  • Composting systems to reuse and recycling organic waste
  • Procedures for safe and legal toxic waste disposal methods
  • Resources available for plastics, paper and other types of recycling


Recycling 101 is the perfect choice for current and prospective employees in sustainability-centered industries, those who plan to implement recycling systems in their organizations and those who want to improve recycling in their communities.

Gaining a Recycling 101 Certificate can also benefit business owners, teachers, community leaders and others.

Recycling Resources

Add to your Recycling 101 knowledge with these recycling resources!

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Approximately 15 hours
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Additional Information:

Solid Waste Association of North America: 8 CEUs

Jefferson, Ore. School District: 15 PDUs

“After taking the Recycling 101 course, I have a much deeper understanding of  how and why things are recycled, where  to recycle within my local community and region, and the knowledge to make better buying decisions to avoid excess waste.

This course helped me not only at home, but in my work with clients. As a recycler, I can share what I have learned to help my community consider what they can do to increase their impact.” 

Megan Spears

Past Students' Work

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