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Red Light, Purple Light: A Self-Regulation Intervention Program

Self-regulation is a necessary skill for children that aids their development and success in school and life. This expertly-designed course gives you the training needed to implement evidence-based self-regulation activities in early childhood (commonly considered up to 8 years old) learning settings.

Self-Regulation Training

In this online, self-paced course, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of self-regulation and why it is important.
  • Improve your understanding of research on self-regulation and how children learn and develop self-regulation skills.
  • Learn how to implement the Red Light, Purple Light self-regulation intervention.

Red Light, Purple Light Intervention

The Red Light, Purple Light intervention focuses on a series of music- and movement-based circle time games that can be used to promote young children's self-regulation at home and at school. In this online course, you will learn everything they need to know to implement Red Light, Purple Light successfully.

The required text for the course is: "Stop, Think, Act: Integrating Self-Regulation in the Early Childhood Classroom" by Megan McClelland and Shauna Tominey. As part of the course, you will receive access to the intervention training manual as well as additional resources so that you can implement this intervention successfully and help the children in your life develop the self-regulation skills they need to thrive!


Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate for 6 hours of professional development training from Oregon State University.

This course qualifies as a Set 1 training with the Oregon Registry (ORO) and can be applied to ORO Core Knowledge categories: Understanding & Guiding Behavior (UGB) and Learning Environments and Curriculum (LEC).

In addition, this course aligns with OPEC Parenting Educator Core Knowledge & Skills category: Human Growth & Development.

College PartnershipsThis course is based on research conducted by Oregon State University Faculty in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences Center for Healthy Children and Families.

On demand. Access any time.
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$200 (+ $60 registration fee)


Megan McClelland

Megan McClelland is the Katherine E. Smith Professor of Healthy Children and Families in Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University. She serves as Director of the Early Childhood Research Core at the Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families at Oregon State University. Her research focuses on optimizing children's development, especially as it relates to children’s self-regulation and healthy development.

Alexis Tracy

Alexis is a Research Project Coordinator at Oregon State University. She received a bachelor’s degree in child development from California State University, Chico and a master’s degree in Human Development and Family Science from Oregon State University. Her research interests include how children successfully develop self-regulatory and school readiness skills in preschool. More specifically, she is interested in how childcare contexts can support the successful development of these skills in children with elevated levels of problem behaviors.

Shauna Tominey

Shauna Tominey is an Assistant Professor of Practice and Parenting Education Specialist at Oregon State University. In her current role, she serves as the Principal Investigator for the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative, an initiative to provide high-quality parenting education to all Oregon families with children ages 0-6. Previously, Dr. Tominey served as the Director of Early Childhood Programming and Teacher Education at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

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