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Roots of Resilience: Teachers Awakening Children’s Healing

The Roots of Resilience program supports early childhood teachers and child care providers promote resilience with children impacted by trauma. This six-module interactive online course includes activities, readings, videos, case studies, and reflections.

This course requires a coursebook (available online for free or hard copy for purchase) for applied practices. The course is self-paced, but participants also receive support from an instructor at Oregon State University.

Participants deepen their knowledge of trauma and resilience in children’s development, learn to use a trauma-lens for observing and engaging with children, and cultivate partnerships with families and specialists.

Online Module Topics

Module 1: Trauma and Resilience

Module 2: How Trauma Affects Development

Module 3: Identifying Children's Needs with a Trauma-Lens

Module 4: Partnering with Families and Specialists

Module 5: Building Restorative Relationships in Early Learning Settings

Module 6: Guiding Behavior and Self-Regulation

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology do I need to access the online course?

We strongly encourage participants to use a computer to access the online course rather than another device such as a tablet or phone. Roots of Resilience is best accessed through Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Because a majority of our activities are video-based, flash video player is required to view them. Often times, this player is already installed as part of your browser. However, some of our more interactive course activities require the latest version of flash player.

What is this coursebook and how do I get one?

The course requires a coursebook that can be downloaded for free from the course. Or, you can purchase a hard copy of the coursebook with your registration for an additional fee that our team will ship to you. Please note many past participants have preferred a hard copy of the coursebook.

How long does it take to complete the online course?

The course is self-paced, so some participants take longer to complete it than others. There are 6 modules, although some modules have multiple parts. We recommend completing one module (or part) a week. This provides the opportunity to apply and reflect on your new learning.

Self paced - available through December 31, 2024
price (2)
Additional Information: Oregon Registry Set 2 Training (30 hours) | Accepted for Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).


Emiko Goka-Dubose, PhD, LPC (she/her/ella)
Emiko received her PhD in Counseling from Oregon State University. As a child and family therapist, Emiko focuses on early childhood development, attachment psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology. Emiko has worked with young children and families impacted by trauma for the past two decades, including research in exposure to trauma on early childhood development and how culture and spirituality act as protective factors to promote resilience. Emiko is always appreciative and in awe of the dedication and compassion of early childhood educators.
Lorena Rodriguez, MSW (she/her/ella)
Lorena Rodriguez is the full time Training Coordinator for the Early Learning System Initiative at Oregon State University. She has been in the field of early childhood education since 2005 and has worked in childcare centers and the child welfare field. Lorena is passionate about elevating early childhood educators through professional development opportunities and truly values the experiences that educators bring to help foster the growth and development of young children.

Past Students' Work

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