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OHCC Ventilator Dependent Quadriplegia Certification Training


Homecare workers who provide services and supports to individuals who experience quadriplegia and are dependent on a ventilator have the opportunity to earn their VDQ certification and a higher pay rate. ​VDQ certification training is now available, and homecare workers are encouraged to enroll.

  • This certification is designed for homecare workers who provide services and supports to consumer-employers experiencing quadriplegia and are dependent on a ventilator.
  • The VDQ certification was established through the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Oregon Home Care Commission and SEIU, 503. 
  • Homecare workers who successfully earn the VDQ certification are eligible to receive a $3.00 per hour differential while providing services and supports to eligible consumer-employers.

Training Cou​rses

  • Workers must have access to a computer and internet service.
  • Workers will receive 49 hours of training. There are seven modules and each module is seven hours long.
  • Training is offered via online webinars and on-demand modules. 
  • Topics are designed to help homecare workers develop a basic understanding of quadriplegia with ventilator dependency and how to safely provide services and supports.
  • Training is offered in cohorts, which means the students will go through the entire training together.


Scheduled webinars and on-demand training
price (2)
Free for eligible workers
Additional Information: Questions about certification? Email us.

Past Students' Work

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