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Oregon State Career Series:

Essential LiveStock Practices from Farm to Slaughterhouse

On Demand

When handling livestock, the "right thing to do" is more humane, efficient and better for business.

In this webinar, Dr. Ron Gill of Texas A & M AgriLife Extension and Stockmanship & Stewardship will show you the essential tips (and science) to practice that are humane and preserves good meat quality.

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Webinar Highlights:

By the end of the webinar, you will learn:

  1. The 5 Basics of Cattle Behavior and the 10 Principles of Handling Livestock

  2. The flight zone in a pasture

  3. How to effectively ensure humane animal handling

  4. Efficient sorting and loading infrastructure on your farm

  5. Strategies for transporting and unloading at the slaughterhouse

  6. How to reduce animal stress at the end of their lives

Webinar Host:

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Rebecca Meat School

Rebecca Thistlethwaite is an Extension Outreach Specialist and the Director of the Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network.

She has a master's degree in International Agricultural Development from the University of California - Davis and was formerly co-owner of TLC Ranch, a mid-scale organic pastured poultry and livestock enterprise in California. She is author of two books on farming- Farms With a Future: Creating and Growing a Sustainable Farm Business (2012) and The New Livestock Farmer: The Business of Raising and Selling Ethical Meat (2015) and provides business and marketing consulting for sustainable farms and food businesses.

Rebecca has over 23 years working in agriculture in many different facets, from farmworker and farm owner to agricultural researcher, training beginning farmers, and policy advocacy. Rebecca lives in the Columbia River Gorge region of Oregon with her two children. When not running NMPAN, you will find her cooking, trail running, health coaching, or volunteering for local schools.


Dr. Ron Gil


Dr. Ronald Gill is professor and Extension livestock specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. In addition, he serves as Associate Department Head and Program Leader for Extension animal science faculty. Gill continues to provide leadership in Extension programming related to animal well-being and low-stress livestock handling and assists in providing leadership to statewide programming efforts for Beef Safety and Quality Assurance programming. Other interests include beef cattle and equine nutritional management and value added marketing.

Gill is a member of the beef cattle and equine sections in the Department of Animal Science. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Angelo State University and his doctorate from Texas A&M University.

Gill was given the National Beef Quality Assurance 2018 Educator Award at the National Cattle Industry Convention. He received the Vice Chancellor’s Award in Excellence on two separate occasions for his support and performance as a member of an Interdisciplinary Team implementing Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) program for Texas beef cattle producers, and for his contributions on the Beef Quality Assurance Team. Gill has also been recognized as the Specialist of the Year by the Texas County Agricultural Agents Association.

Gill is a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Texas Independent Cattlemen’s Association, and the American Quarter Horse Association.

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Learn Essential Practices for Handling Live Stock