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Oregon State Grow Your Career Series:

Academic Field
to Private Sector

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Have you been struggling with the academic job search from a master’s or Ph.D. program and are interested in exploring how to find a position in the private sector?

Join the OSUAA career services webinar with Blair Paulik ’16 and John Inman ’77 to hear their advice on how to make the transition from an academic field into the private sector.

Webinar Highlights:

By the end of the webinar, you will:

  1. Identify key differences between academic and private sector job searches
  2. Know what elements of a resume are most important to private companies
  3. Understand what it would take for a successful job search in the private sector and how and where to network with people from private companies

OSU Alumni Association Alumni Career Services and OSU WorkSpace are excited to partner in creating webinars that give you the tools to conquer every transition on your professional path.

Webinar Hosts:


Blair Paulik

Blair Paulik_headshot

Dr. Blair Paulik ’16 is a Project Scientist at Integral Consulting, Inc., an environmental consulting company that serves clients around the country and the world. Before she joined Integral in December 2019 she had worked as an Environmental Toxicologist at a regional consulting company based in the Pacific Northwest and as a Post-doctoral Research Scientist for the Hanford Natural Resource Trustee Council. She completed her PhD in Environmental Toxicology at Oregon State University in 2016. Her PhD research focused on human health effects of PAHs in air, water, sediment, and shellfish. She completed her B.S. in Biological Sciences at Clemson University in 2012. In addition to her technical expertise, Dr. Paulik takes every opportunity she can to pursue her passion for science and risk communication. She completed a Science Communication Fellowship with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in 2015 and enjoys communicating technical topics to diverse audiences.

John Inman


Dr. John Inman ’77 brings a deep background in business scholarship and practice helping organization leaders deliver excellence to all stakeholders. He has invested 30 years learning to create cultures where team members engage, thrive, and realize their potential. His work is situated in the dialogic organizational development field of practice. He has a deep understanding of how people learn, grow, and excel both individually and as part of teams. He has participated in the launch and development of well over 300 teams in the last 10 years and has observed firsthand the leadership attributes necessary to create high performance teams. He focuses on developing the leadership mindsets necessary to thrive in complexity and does so in all organization functions and in any industry. He has successfully worked in the private and academic sectors and has much wisdom to offer.


Yuliya Dennis


Yuliya Dennis is the director of alumni career services at Oregon State University (OSU) Alumni Association and manages and oversees career programs for over 200,000 OSU alumni. OSU alumni career programs offers a diverse suite of programs to support alumni career success.

Yuliya also serves as the Assistant Vice President of Mentor Programs for Alumni Career Services Network (ACSN).  She was the recipient of the 2019 Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Rising Star award for her work in alumni relations. Yuliya received her BA in History, and her M.Ed in College Student Services Administration from OSU. She is eager to share her knowledge of what it takes to career transition successfully. 

Her motto is: Engage in what matters and support others in engaging in what matters to them.



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This webinar is brought to you by Oregon State University's Alumni Association and WorkSpace.

The Alumni Association provides alumni with a variety of career development resources. WorkSpace offers Oregon State short courses and certificates nationally and internationally, which can help in obtaining a promotion or starting in a new field. 


Learn How to Transition From Academia to the Private Sector