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Community Health Worker Training Program




Community Health Worker Entry Level Courses - Remote

This innovative course equips individuals to think big picture about improving the region’s health - by considering each community member’s unique health, cultural and social needs.

In essence, the Community Health Worker program:

  • Prepares individuals to work as an entry-level Community Health Worker (CHW)
  • Equips health care staff serving in other roles with a community health perspective
  • Addresses all competencies required for approval as a CHW training program in Oregon

This program is offered in a flexible blended format. Students complete a series of online learning modules (58.5 contact hours), 2 live virtual sessions (4 contact hours), and attend 3 on-site classes (22.5 contact hours).

Community Health Worker Continuing Education Course: Poverty and Related Social Determinants of Health

Instructor Facilitated │Online | New dates coming soon!

More and more studies are focusing on the relationship between key demographics and quality of health. Areas such as race, ethnicity, income, education and experience with trauma are statistically shown to have an impact on access to and effective utilization of healthcare. That’s why, as a Community Health Worker (CHW), it’s important to focus on these elements as a way of improving community health in the areas that need it most.

Our expert-led online course is designed for Community Health Workers and will help individuals in their critical work with low-income populations. Students will also investigate the multiple links between poverty, race, ethnicity and trauma with healthcare.

Community Health Worker Continuing Education Course: Management of Chronic Health Conditions

Self Paced │ Online

According to the Centers for Disease Control, half of all adults have at least one chronic health issue. These issues can range from heart disease to cancer to obesity, and it’s critical that health workers have a firm understanding of these areas and their impact on an individual.

Our Management of Chronic Health Conditions course will give individuals the essential training to address chronic health conditions, such as obesity and chronic pain, and know the role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the management of these conditions.

This self-paced online course is designed for certified Community Health Workers and will teach them cutting-edge theories for approaching chronic health issues.

Community Health Worker Leadership Development Course

Instructor Facilitated | Online | New dates coming soon!

This course is designed to provide a continuing education/professional development opportunity for Community Health Workers (CHWs) who wish to grow their capacity for leadership. It is delivered online and involves student-content, student-student, student-instructor and student-mentor interaction.

The course is scheduled over the course of an academic year and includes the following online modules:

  1. Leadership Basics (fall term)
  2. Looking Inward: A Time for Introspection (fall term)
  3. Looking Outward: Engaging with Others (winter term)
  4. Looking Forward: Making a Difference (winter term)
  5. Applied Leadership Development: A Capstone Project (spring term)