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Pesticide Applicator: Pesticide Labels and Formulations

By law, pesticide users are required to comply with all the instructions and use directions found on the pesticide label. It is illegal for consultants or salespersons to recommend that a pesticide be used contrary to its label. This course will help pesticide applicators understand how to read a pesticide label and the characteristics of pesticide formulations.

This course will cover the proper selection and use of a variety of personal protective equipment.

Pesticide Recertification Credit

The following courses are currently approved by Oregon Department of Agriculture for Pesticide Certification and license renewal:

The following courses are currently approved by Idaho State Department of Agriculture: 

At this time our online courses are not approved for Washington state recertification. 

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IMPORTANT: Final grade reporting to the state will include grades released as of December 31. Our system takes 24 hours for grades to release, to ensure your grade will be counted toward the calendar year, you need to complete the final quiz no later than December 30.

Each of our courses in the Pesticide Applicator series can also count as Continuing Education Hours for the Oregon State Landscape Contractors Board.

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Additional Information:
1 CORE ODA pesticide recertification credit.
1 CORE ISDA pesticide recertification credit.


Tim Stock

Tim Stock is a senior instructor in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University. He is the Coordinator of the OSU School IPM Program, with a wide range of experience in IPM, pesticide risk reduction and education.

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