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Food and Garden Club Weekly

Welcome to the OSU Family Food and Garden Club!

Thanks for joining us over the next 8 weeks to learn about and Celebrate Oregon Agriculture.


Percent of people who prefer tomatoes to any other homegrown food.
It's estimated that 95% of all US gardeners grow tomatoes.



What is a Food System?

Let’s explore the concept of a food system.

How food gets from the farm to your plate can be complicated. From growing, harvesting, processing, transportation, retail, and cooking, there are many different steps involved. How all of these parts are connected is referred to as a food system.

This infographic shows how different parts are connected in a food system. 

Local-Foods-System-Diagram-no-titleClick here if you would like to print at home.










This activity sheet will help  you think about all of the different people who work in the food system to get the food from the farm to your plate.

In this example, you will think through all of the steps it takes to get cereal to your breakfast bowl in the morning. (View and download the Who Makes your Cereal activity)


Here’s another activity you can try to learn more about the food system from farm to you.

In addition to grocery stores, farmers markets and farm stands many families also get food from a food pantry.


Digging Gardening

Before you start a garden it is important to create a plan.

  • Why do you want to grow a garden?
  • Do you want to grow flowers for beauty or to provide food for pollinators?
  • Do you want to grow vegetables and fruits for your family to eat?
There are lots of reasons why people plant a garden. Depending on what you and your family want to grow you may choose different parts of your yard to plant flowers or tomatoes. Next week you will learn about how plants grow and what they need to thrive. This week we want you to make a map of your yard or garden space -even if it is a window sill or porch.

Use this site map survey from the Jr. Master Gardener program to ask questions about your site. Make sure to include the adult in your house in the planning. Keep your map to add to your Food and Garden journal next week.

Food For Fuel

Your kitchen is the heart of the family food system. The foods your family likes to grow and buy and bring to the kitchen to cook are a special part of family tradition and daily life. Food provides the energy and nutrition you need to grow and be active and healthy.

MyPlate is a resource to help you find your healthy eating style and build it throughout your lifetime. You can watch this short video to learn more about My Plate.

What are some of your favorite foods in each food group? Write down a list of your favorite fruits, veggies, grains and protein foods. Then follow one of these links to see which of your favorite food are grown here in Oregon.

Use this form as an example and draw a picture of a meal using My Plate. Keep your drawing add to your Food and Garden journal next week.

I Spy…..Exploration

Have you ever wanted to be an expert reviewer? Oregon Harvest and Food Hero have created videos for kids and families to learn about growing, harvesting and cooking Oregon foods.

Click this link to watch a 2 -3 minute video about kale, then you can answer questions about what you saw. This survey will take up to 10 minutes to complete.

Be sure to complete all of the questions and click the arrows >> at the end of each page to fully submit your responses. Please ask an adult for help if you need it!


For recipes and all things about Kale check out: https://foodhero.org/kale-0

Discovery & Reflections

Draw a map showing where you live and all of the places your family gets food. Do you drive or walk to these places? Estimate how far away these are from your house and include on your map. You might include places like a garden, farmers market, grocery or convenience store(s)or a food pantry.

What did you learn about the Food System this week? Keep your map and ideas to add to your Food and Garden journal next week.

Family Connection

Meet a Farmer – In addition to getting food from farmers markets, and retail stores over 12,000 people per month in our county also get food from a food pantry. Josephine County Food Bank operates Raptor Creek Farm to increase the fresh, local produce available at food pantries.

Farm Manager Kristen Smith shares how Raptor Creek farm contributes to the local food system.

Reminder: Starting on May 18th if you are registered for the Family Food and Garden Club you will be able to pick up your kits at your school.


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