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OSU Extension Josephine County is thrilled to have over 125 fourth and fifth grade students and families participating in the Farm to School Family Food and Garden Club this spring.

We hope you enjoy learning about growing plants, the environment, our community and healthy eating and active living while taking part in this at home club. 

We have created a Photo Gallery sharing page so you can let your friends and others see what you are learning and exploring. Use the upload link below to submit your photo!  Here’s how to submit and the guidelines: 

# 1- First ask a parent or adult for permission and help to upload a photo. 

#2- Photo guidelines:  Its ok to share photos of plants, insects, flowers, fruit, gardens, a park, food at home - the store - or famers market.  Anything related to Family Food and Garden club activities EXCEPT photos that include people.   To protect privacy we cannot post photos of  children, family members or friends on this web site. Have FUN sharing.

#3.  Parents:  If you have a photo that does not meet guidelines for the Photo Gallery but that you would like to share with OSU for program impact sharing please email cheryl.kirk@oregonstate.  A photo release form can be provided for uses outside of this web page. 

Thank You!   

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