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Wood-Based Composite Science: Structural Plywood and Veneer-Based Composite Manufacture

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Structural Plywood and Veneer-Based Composite Manufacture Course

This Structural Plywood and Veneer-Based Composite Manufacture course describes the softwood plywood and veneer based industry and how this forest-based business functions to create a profitable enterprise.

Initially focusing upon the history and legacy of the industry, the course then provides pertinent knowledge which systematically explains each step in the manufacturing process. The course concludes with an explanation of how this knowledge is applied.

Real world examples and how-to descriptions are recurring; and a variety of visual aids will assist the learning process.

  1. Introduction
  2. Industry History & Legacy
  3. Raw Material Yield Management
  4. Green Veneer Manufacturing Part 1
  5. Green Veneer Manufacturing- Part 2
  6. Veneer Drying and Preparation
  7. Assembly Systems and Bonding
  8. Downstream Value Adding Processes
  9. Matching the Mill to the Market

This course includes the book "Plywood and Veneer-Based Products," 1st edition, 2016, by Richard Baldwin, The Donnell Group, Montgomery, Alabama. Please provide mailing address for book delivery.

Certificate of Completion

Wood science and technology experts, selected from top universities, government research labs and industry, teach the course's seven modules.

The modules are integrated online and build upon each other to provide a logical progression as participants transfer newly-acquired skills to the workplace. Modules are self-paced and can be started at any time to help you balance your career and other responsibilities.

Each module includes five to 10 hours of instruction. Participants who receive a 70-percent or above on the course final exam will receive a Certificate of Completion.

On demand. Access any time.
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Dick Baldwin

Richard "Dick" Baldwin has decades of executive, supervisory, and hourly experience across the forest products industry. Currently Dick is Managing Partner of Oak Creek Investments LLC. Dick also co-founded Winston Plywood & Veneer LLC in Louisville MS and is a partner in the business.

Past Students' Work

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