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Turfgrass Insects and Weed Management

This course will cover an introduction to identifying major turfgrass insect pests and weeds found on golf courses, home lawns and sports fields in the Pacific Northwest. The six week course will be a close look at environmental conditions, susceptible turfgrass species and integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. It will also cover how to suppress insects and weeds using pesticides

What You'll Learn

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. Identify common turfgrass insects and weeds.
  2. Understand how the environment affects these pests.
  3. Understand how insecticides and herbicides act on pests.
  4. Develop a calendar plan for monitoring and managing major turf pests.
  5. Understand Integrated Pest Management and its role in reducing the risk of pesticide resistance.

Turfgrass Management Program

This course is part of the Turfgrass Management Program that includes the following component courses:

Please note: This course is primarily designed for those working in northern climates such as Oregon and Washington, Europe, Scandinavia and parts of Canada; however, course concepts may apply to other climate zones and some information on warm-season grasses is also covered. By focusing on these climates, you'll gain detailed information you can apply to your own park, field or lawn.

Course Hours and GCSAA Class A Credits

Course Title Course Hours GCSAA Class A Credits
Introduction to Turfgrass Management 30 3
Introduction to Golf Course Management 36 3.6
Pesticide Applicator Education and Safety 18 1.8
Irrigation and Drainage 21 2.1
Cool-Season Turfgrass Diseases and Suppression Using Fungicides 30 3
Turfgrass Mathematics 36 3.6
Turfgrass Insects and Weed Management 36 3.6
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6 weeks | Asynchronous
price (2)
$325 (+$60 registration fee)
Additional Information:

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Emily Braithwaite

Emily Braithwaite is a Faculty Research Assistant at Oregon State University, with research focusing primarily on managing turfgrass diseases.

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