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Instructional Design Services


Our instructional design team utilizes the latest technologies and instructional design techniques to build exceptional online learning experiences. All of our courses are grounded in a "backwards design" philosophy that ensure the success of your course and your students by beginning with your goals and learning outcomes.

We are incredibly flexible in the types of courses we build and want to ensure that they are ultimately the right solution for you and your learners. Whether you want a self-paced online course, an instructor-led course, interactive modules, video lectures or more, we have the tools to get you there.

Below are the instructional design services we offer. Click here to get started today!



Instructional Design

osu_icon_monitor_01-100x100Instructional design is the creation of engaging learning experiences and materials, with the goal of sparking and holding interest, and enabling knowledge and retention in the learner. This is done through pedagogically sound teaching techniques, user-focused technology integration, and attractive content design. Through an iterative process, we assess the needs of your learners, compile the needed content resources, work with subject matter experts and faculty, and design custom-made learning experiences that are sure to captivate participants.

Course Pedagogy Review and Design

osu_icon_pencil_01-100x100Good learning, whether in a classroom or online, is built on a foundation of solid pedagogy (or androgogy, for adult learners). This takes into account the needs of learners, and the skills they should have when they successfully complete a training or course. As such, we employ a “backwards design” philosophy, which starts with the end goals – then traces those end goals back to assessments (quizzes, assignments, etc), and traces those assessments back to lessons or other content pieces. This ensures that your course is memorable and effective.

Canvas (LMS) Course Building

osu_icon_webmenu_01-100x100We use an LMS (Learning Management System) called Canvas, in which we build and organize all aspects of course content – lessons, assignments, discussions, quizzes, videos, interactive elements, etc. – and then track learner progress through a course. These classes can be instructor led, or self-paced.

Articulate Interactive Lesson Authoring

osu_icon_play_01-100x100Articulate offers a suite of powerful authoring tools – programs used to build interactive, responsive, and graphically pleasing lessons, materials, or experiences. These can be as short as a single infographic, or as long as an entire class – but always with the emphasis on good design and interactivity. Our instructional design team are experts in both Storyline and Rise, the flagship programs of e-learning authoring.

Iterative UX and Graphic Design

osu_icon_tablet_02-100x100With a focus on the user experience (UX), we aim to produce content that is pleasing, useable, and intuitive, while matching the diverse needs of our clients and partners. We focus on ways to create courses that make the most sense, out of the box, to the learner – so they don’t have to learn the platform when they should be learning the content. We will work with you to design a graphic identity outline, and a UX plan that best fits the course you want to build. And iterative means we will go back to the drawing board as many times as needed to get it right for you.

Multimedia Development Support

osu_icon_videocamera_01-100x100We won’t upsell you on high-production videos if that’s not what your course calls for. But if it does, we’d be happy to coordinate and manage the process to best suit the content and your expectations! Professional and Continuing Education has an in-house video team if that’s what you need – otherwise we can advise on the best ways to get the most effective content produced, whether it’s a podcast, audio lesson, voice-over-powerpoint, static PDF, or even a gamified scenario with characters and real-world situations. Whatever it is, we can produce it. Please contact our instructional design team to discuss your multimedia options.


All Professional and Continuing Education Projects go through an intake process with program manager review and approval. Please email us if you have questions about the initial intake process, please email us and our office at .

Once a project is approved, a program manager will be assigned to you for the duration of your work with Professional and Continuing Education . If you would like to propose a program for our program managers to review, please fill out our intake form here.

Professional and Continuing Education Services

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