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Instructional Design Course: Articulate Storyline Training with Rise

In this six week, fully asynchronous course, you’ll learn to build interactive, online modules using Articulate Storyline and Rise. Articulate software is among the most widely used and well regarded authoring tools, and our course will help you master this important program.

This course is based on constructionist learning theory, meaning you will be able to learn through experimentation as you design your course with content of your choosing. You'll be supported in this process with personalized guidance from your instructor, feedback from your peers and a library of learning resources and tutorials.

Build Successful Online Courses with Articulate Storyline and Rise Training

This course provides a rapid pathway for you to learn one of the most flexible and complete sets of online course building tools available. In addition to an in depth training in Articulate Storyline and Rise, you will also learn e-learning best practices on accessibility, mobile friendly design, gamification and effective use of audio.

This course is designed for professionals familiar with instructional design principles; learners without this background should anticipate completing optional readings and putting in additional time as needed. If you are completely new to the field of instructional design, you might consider taking courses in our E-Learning Instructional Design and Development Certificate first for the most comprehensive training and credential.

Use Your Existing Articulate 360 Subscription or Free Trial

You can use the 60-day free trial for Articulate Storyline to get you through the course.

Attention Mac Users: Articulate Storyline can’t be run directly on a Mac. Using Storyline on a Mac requires the purchase of a virtual environment software, such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

Questions about our Online Articulate Storyline & Rise Training?

If you have any questions about the course, you can contact Jo Baker, the instructor, at bakerjod@oregonstate.edu.

Apr. 11 - May 22, 2022
price (2)
$529 (registration cost includes a $60 non-refundable registration fee, per course)
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Lynne Hindman, Ph.D.

Dr. Lynne Hindman is an educator and resourceful lifelong learner who values partnerships, teamwork, and building bridges across organizations. Certified PreK-12 school principal, tenured teacher, college administrator, university instructor, researcher, and community educator. Lynne has a Masters in Educational Leadership; Specialist in Ed. Administration; and a PhD in Adult & Higher Education with a specialty in Community College Leadership.

Jo Baker

Jo Baker has over 15 years experience in the adult learning field, with the past five years focused on instructional design for E-learning. She works with corporate and healthcare clients to design meaningful online learning experiences that incorporate micro-learning, learner-led design, scenarios and story-telling. As an instructor, Jo is invested in supporting a robust online learning community and in the application of learning theory to real-life learning challenges.

Past Students' Work

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