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Marketing and Multimedia Services


Our marketing and multimedia team offers a wide array of services to both internal (university) and external partners (companies, government, agencies and non-profits).

We offer experience, insight and a proven track record of helping partners:

  • Research and connect with the target audience
  • Grow lead list
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Create compelling digital content
  • Boost enrollment and financial results

Below are the marketing and communication services we offer. Click here to get started today!



Strategy and Planning

osu_icon_bulb_01_1_0-100x100Successful marketing and communication starts with the proper research and audience understanding (analytics, audience, trends), which is then used to create a targeted data-driven plan. In that plan, we'll break down the most efficient methods to reach the target audience and achieve your designated goals. Depending on your needs, the strategy and planning document can include everything from potential groups and associations for outreach, a content marketing strategy, SEO and SEM, a social media plan and more.

We helped collaborate on the award-winning High-Speed Handwashing awareness campaign as well as the successful Trees to Know promotional campaign that saw a 10x in sales.

Multimedia Development Support

osu_icon_videocamera_01-100x100We won’t upsell you on high-production videos if that’s not what your course calls for. But if it does, we’d be happy to coordinate and manage the process to best suit the content and your expectations! Professional and Continuing Education has an in-house video team if that’s what you need – otherwise we can advise on the best ways to get the most effective content produced, whether it’s a podcast, webinar, voice-over-powerpoint, static PDF, a  student story, or a video.
Examples include:

Whatever it is, we can produce it. Please contact our marketing team to discuss your multimedia options.


osu_icon_newspaper_01_2_0-100x100Paid advertising, when done well (see Strategy and Planning), can yield a high return on investment and expand your reach to attract new prospects. What makes our advertising capability unique is that we have the expertise and the exclusive technology to track prospects from the first touch point (the specific ad they saw) all the way through the funnel to when they become a lead and then an enrolled student. So, we can say with 100% certainty the ROI for each advertisement. That also means we can show you which channel is working, which one isn't and whether you could 10x your results. Our pay-per-click advertising management includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn.


osu_icon_megaphone_01-100x100To use an OSU phrase, our writers are dam good. We're well versed in creating: SEO-friendly webpages, fliers, newsletters, long-form articles and blog posts, student and faculty spotlight stories, etc. We're also able to create automated workflows and communications for large lead lists that can be personalized and scalable.

Website Creation and Lead Generation

osu_icon_monitor_01-100x100A good website is more than just flashy design and pretty pictures. By and large, a website is the first time your audience interacts with your department and brand, so in essence, your website is your brand.

With that in mind, we can help provide guidance and wireframes for a great user experience with an eye toward search engine optimization. We can also quickly build you a new website using templates created by the award-winning Web Canopy Studio that utilizes the HubSpot CMS and full marketing suite (lead generation forms, automated workflows, customized emails, analytics and much more).

Sites we've created include:


All Professional and Continuing Education Projects go through an intake process with program manager review and approval. Please email us if you have questions about the initial intake process, please email us and our office at .

Once a project is approved, a program manager will be assigned to you for the duration of your work with Professional and Continuing Education. If you would like to propose a program for our program managers to review, please fill out our intake form here.

Professional and Continuing Education Services

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