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Technical Writing Certificate - Online

Are you interested in getting a job or launching your own business as a technical writer? Do you work in a technical field and want to advance your writing skills? Are you interested in getting feedback on your writing from an OSU writing instructor?

Our online Technical Writing Certificate is designed to help you build targeted skills through a series of courses that each focus on a specific skillset. Take any of the courses individually to gain just the training you need or complete the series to earn your certificate and launch your technical writing career!

What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writing Certificate

The certificate series includes the following component courses, which may be taken together or individually:

  1. Free Introduction to Technical Writing (self-paced)
  2. Manuals: Instructions and Overviews
  3. Technical Editing and Report Writing
  4. Single-Sourcing and Methodology
  5. Usability and User-Centered Design
  6. Portfolio Creation
Please note that the Free Intro to Tech Writing class is self-paced and not required to receive a certificate. If you are new to technical writing, it is recommended that you complete this course and also take the other courses in the order outlined here.

Learn How to Become a Technical Writer

In these targeted courses, you’ll build knowledge and skills to help you:

  • Write clearly, correctly, and concisely.
  • Understand technical writing as a practice distinct from other forms of writing.
  • Use professional technical writing conventions of clean and clear design, style, and layout of written materials.
  • Create document layouts that are accessible and aid end-user experience.
  • Incorporate feedback and notes into editing and revision processes.
  • Understand UX design and why it’s important for technical writing documents.
  • Identify your target audience and craft a document that resonates with that audience.
In each class you will walk away with a technical writing document that you have produced. In the Portfolio Creation course, you will build this portfolio through a WordPress site, allowing you to showcase your work to potential employers.
Multiple dates
price (2)
Full Certificate: $2,125 (+$60 registration fee)
Individual Courses: $425 (+$60 registration fee, per course)

Technical Writing Course
Start Dates

Manuals: Instructions and Overviews

Jan. 3 - 30, 2022

Technical Editing and Report Writing

Winter 2022
Feb. 7 - Mar. 6, 2022

Single-Sourcing and Methodology

Winter Dates
Jan. 3 - 30, 2022
Spring Dates
Mar. 28 - Apr. 24, 2022

Usability and UX Design

Winter Dates
Feb. 7 - Mar. 6, 2022
Spring Dates
May 2 - 29, 2022

Technical Writing Portfolio Creation

Spring Dates
Mar. 28 - Apr. 24, 2022
Summer Dates
Jun. 20 - Jul. 17, 2022

"This course was great - I really, really enjoyed it. The learning materials were focused and applicable. Best part? I looked forward to the weekly modules and assignments. I felt that I learned something new, could apply it directly to each weekly assignment (reinforcement) and then immediately apply it to the writing I do at work. Adult learners tend to want to know, "What's in it for me?" For me, the fact that the concepts and techniques applied immediately to my job meant a lot. No wasted time; just focused instruction."

Jessica Ginet


Elizabeth Delf

Liz Delf (MA, Oregon State University '11) developed and piloted the Career Preparation for English Majors course in 2017. She teaches writing across the university and beyond, including sections for the Honors College, INTO, the Beijing Normal University Summer Program, and an INTEL Technical Writing Boot Camp. Courses regularly taught at OSU include English Composition, Argumentation, Technical Writing, Writing in Business, and Intro to Literature: Fiction.

Emily Elbom

Emily Elbom is a writing instructor at Oregon State University. Emily has an MA in English from the University of North Dakota and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Oregon State University. Courses regularly taught at OSU include Technical Writing, Technical Writing for English Language Learners, Engineering Specific Technical Writing, Business Writing, Writing for the Media and more.

Erin Dalton

Erin Dalton has a background in technical writing, editing, and instructional design. She holds an MA in Professional Communication and a BA in English. Past courses taught include Technical Editing & Style, Technical & Presentation Writing, Business & Administrative Writing, and Brand Development. She has also developed and facilitated technical communication trainings for engineers and scientists at a Department of Energy national laboratory.

Past Students' Work

Take a look at some recent projects our students have created.