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Technical Editing and Report Writing

In the Technical Editing and Report Writing class, you'll learn how to write and edit technical reports and procedures for a variety of industries. You'll consider the target audiences for these documents and how you can craft a message with those users in mind. You will also learn about and create a process flow to help guide users through your chosen process.

Build Technical Editing Skills

Drafting and editing are crucial steps in any writing project, and you will practice editing procedural documents in this course. We will cover key writing principles you can apply to any technical writing project. You will also consider why technical procedures are important for multiple businesses and produce a technical procedure document that you can add to your technical writing portfolio.

What You'll Learn

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Create and edit a technical procedure document and process flow for existing processes.
  • Understand why procedure documents are useful for training and meeting legal and governmental standards.
  • Understand why flow charts and process flows represent important steps in technical composition.
  • Combine disparate pieces of documentation into a single, seamless document.
  • Incorporate outside feedback and notes into editing and revision processes.

Technical Writing Certificate

This course is part of our Technical Writing Certificate, which includes:

  1. Free Introduction to Technical Writing (self-paced)
  2. Manuals: Instructions and Overviews
  3. Technical Editing and Report Writing
  4. Single-Sourcing and Methodology
  5. Usability and User-Centered Design
  6. Portfolio Creation

Please note that the Free Intro to Tech Writing class is self-paced and not required to receive a certificate. If you are new to technical writing, it is recommended that you complete this course and also take the other courses in the order outlined here.

Winter 2022
Feb. 7 - Mar. 6, 2022
Spring 2022
May 2 - 29, 2022
4 weeks | Asynchronous
price (2)
$425 (+$60 registration fee)
Additional Information:

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Past Students' Work

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