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Introduction to Technical Writing Course

Learn essential information about technical writing and what differentiates it from other forms of writing in this free self-paced class. You'll explore the world of technical writing and the multiple job opportunities it offers, and also practice writing yourself.

Through this self-paced class, you will write a technical memo and utilize provided resources to evaluate and refine your writing. This will help you build a solid technical writing document to start off your portfolio!

What You'll Learn

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand technical writing as a practice distinct from other forms of writing.
  • Apply knowledge of sentence grammar to produce effective, correct, and rhetorically appropriate sentence constructions.
  • Identify personal areas for improvement in common grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors.

Technical Writing Certificate

You may also be interested in our Technical Writing Certificate, which includes the following courses:

  1. Technical Writing Course: Free Introduction (self-paced)
  2. Technical Writing Course: Manuals - Instructions and Overviews
  3. Technical Writing Course: Technical Editing and Report Writing
  4. Technical Writing Course: Single-Sourcing and Methodology
  5. Technical Writing Course: Usability and User-Centered Design
  6. Technical Writing Course: Portfolio Creation

Please note that the Free Intro to Technical Writing class is self-paced and not required to receive a certificate. If you are new to technical writing, it is recommended that you complete this course and also take the other courses in the order outlined here.

On demand. Access any time.
Approximately 2-10 hours of student work
price (2)

Past Students' Work

Take a look at some recent projects our students have created.